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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Vintage fire engines attract the crowds at Stockton heritage show ??

FIRE engines from the 1930's, a monster car-crushing truck, A fire engine doing wheelies all attracted the crowds at a vintage vehicle show over the weekend.
The popular annual show took place at Preston Park in Stockton and as well as fire engines there were agricultural machines, motorbikes and classic cars.

Ex Leeds Dennis one of the fire engines on display
Backdraft doing wheelies

Displays from more modern vehicles, including the Swamp Thing, a car crushing truck and Backdraft, the wheelying fire truck, were well-attended. 
Sadly the Swamp Thing got stuck to amusement of the crowd

The event was part-funded by The Firefighters Charity and there were also rescue and pumping displays from working firefighters, as well as a variety of stalls and stands.

Sorry but crowds not too evident on these images viewing the fire engines, all seemed busy watching what was going on in the main arena. The Backdraft truck and the Swamp thing drew the crowds in numbers.

A 1930's Fire Hydrant testing bike by Hercules Cycles

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Blaze Rips through South Bradford farm

A blaze has ripped through farm buildings in East Bierley South Bradford.
Fire crews from Odsal, Cleckheaton, Batley and Bradford attend the call just after midnight today 20/06/2013.

Odsal crew commander Ian Turner said: “You could see it from Odsal. It was down near the Chain Bar roundabout on the M606, you could see it for a fair distance.” 

The Blaze that could be could seen for miles

The farm outbuilding measured about 40m x 40m, and was being used to store mini diggers and other farm equipment.
When first crews arrived, the building was “fully involved in fire”. Water shortages were an issue with it being relayed from hydrants over 1 and half miles away to the firegound. It was reported that cylinders were involved but these were moved from the fire area to a safer location.
Crews remained  at the scene, damping down to make sure the flames didn't reignite.

Fire Cliffe Hollins Lane, Bradford, Fire seen for miles, farm buildings
Fire crews dealing with fire situation
 Fire crews used a total of 1 large jet, 2 ground monitors and 1 hose reel jet. A Hose layer appliance from Stanningley also attended, and unconfirmed reports are that the building had an Asbestos sheeting roof.

Ground monitor in use

                                        Short Video clip of the incident

Investigations into the blaze are being carried out.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Fire Crews Fight Empty Residential Home Blaze in Batley

Fire, Batley, MP x 4 , Residential Home, Soothill, Blaze, wakefield, Ossett, Morley, Dewsbury
CARP crew from Wakefield in attendance

Crews from Dewsbury, Morley, Ossett and Wakefield attended a severe fire in this building when they were called out at 11.15pm last night. The first crew had to make pumping appliances up to four and requested and Aerial appliance to deal with the incident. The fire in an unoccupied residential home off Soothill Lane in Batley was well alight on the ground floor when they arrived.

Crews used 2 large jets, 2 Hosereel jets, 4 Breathing apparatus and Positive Pressure ventilation.  The fire was dealt with in defensive mode. Fire investigation officers are trying to establish the cause of the blaze.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Update.Video Added..Large Blaze at Treatment Works in Heckmondwike near Dewsbury

   Blaze at HeckmondwikeTreatment Works


Tank ablaze on Water treatment site
Firefighters tackled a huge blaze which was involving a large amount of plastic at the Yorkshire Water treatment plant on Smithies Lane, causing thick black plumes of smoke to rise into the sky which could be seen from many miles away.

The treatment works is between Heckmondwike and Dewsbury Moor.The fire started around 7pm at the plant near to the Ponderosa Farm site.

Fire, Ponderosa, sewage works, flames,
Ground Monitor in Use as flames leap skyward

The huge plume of thick black smoke given off by the fire could be seen billowing for miles around and at the height of the blaze flames up to 30ft high could be seen.

Walls bowing in the incredible heat

Batley Watch Manager John Jackson said the fire was within a large circular concrete holding area within the sewage works which meant there was no fear of it spreading.
“We have requested specialist advice because of the nature of the material we are dealing with. We have surrounded and protected the area and are using water from the River Spen to put the fire out.”

Collapsed walls assisted with getting to the base of the fire

Nobody was working at the site when the fire broke out.
The first crews that arrived had to break through electric gates to reach the site. Water shortage was an initial problem.
Fire Investigation Officer at scene

Appliances from Batley, Dewsbury, Cleckheaton and Odsal attend the incident along with senior advisors and waterboard officials. No-one has been injured and the Fire Investigation team are at the scene attempting to find the cause.

Updated 17:10 13/06/2013

Some firefighters left the scene at around midnight and Odsal were there until 4am, along with relief crews from Morley and Wakefield. Firefighters from across the region were at the scene through the night.

Video footage of the scene

It is now understood that the fire was started deliberately.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Breaking News!!! Mirfield Co-op Blaze Store Evacuated

Mirfield Co-op blaze contained by fire crews

Breaking News!!! Mirfield Co-op Blaze Store Evacuated, Coop, Huddersfield road Mirfield, Mirfield Co-op blaze contained by fire crews 8th June 2013
Staff and customers evacuated due to fire
Fire Crews were called to the store just before mid-day today after reports of a possible explosion at the store in Huddersfield Road. Fire crews arrived to find a rear delivery area well alight.  

Twitter Image by
 It is believed store rooms and offices were damaged and flames burned a hole in the roof. Crews used 2 Large jets, 1 Hosereel jet with Positive Pressure ventilation and Breathing apparatus to deal with the incident . Appliances from Mirfield, Brighouse, Dewsbury and an aerial appliance from Huddersfield attended.

Damping down using ALP appliance
Crews using ALP making roof safe and checking for hotspots of fire.
 The incident was quickly brought under control with all staff and customers being evacuated to the front of the store in the car park.
Shoppers near to the scene say that a smell of gas was evident in the area and Gas board attended to inspect the scene.
 The electrical generator at the back of the store set ablaze, spreading to the main store building. No one was hurt.

Fire Coop mirfield scene of fire Huddersfield road
Scene of the fire with investigation work underway
Update 17:30 08/08/2013

It is now reported by the Fire service that the fire started in in a refrigeration compressor unit to the rear of the store, which then spread to the building. The fire involved a store room of the shop and badly damaged the roof.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Breaking News Update !!!! Firefighters Tackle Large Bradford Mill Blaze

Large Blaze brings traffic Chaos to Bradford City Centre

Crews from Bradford were quick to respond to a mill fire in Bradford tonight. The mill on Tetley Street between Thornton road and Sunbridge road was well alight when crews arrived. 

Mill fire Bradford, Mill Fire Tetley Street, Large Fire, West Yorkshire, Thornton Road, Mill Fire, Bradford fire,
View from Thornton road Jets and ALP in use
Providence Mills off Tetley street was a derelict property and due to the number of calls the brigade call centre mobilised an initial attendance of 3 pumping appliances and and Aerial appliance at 19:33 hours this evening. When the first crews arrived from Bradford and Odsal the incident required a  further 5 pumps and an additional aerial appliance to assist in the firefighting operation.

View further along Thornton Road near the Unniversity
The building which had been empty for some years was of four storeys and measured 80m x 50m with further exposure risks on 3 sides.

These images were taken by the West Yorkshire Police Helicopter 
Official Twitter for the ex helicopter, now part of NPAS. Policing from the skies based at Carr Gate. 

An image from their daylight camera showing the Fire Service hard at work on the mill fire on Thornton Rd, Bradford 

Aerial shot, Bradford mill fire, Thornton Road, Large Fire

 Another image, this time from our thermal camera, showing same mill fire in Bradford (very different eh!)
Crews used 5 Large jets, 1 Hosereel jet and 2 aerial appliance monitors to tackle the fire situation. Traffic in the City centre was at times at a standstill as surrounding roads were closed off for safety access of fire crews and appliances. The roof of the empty building collapsed and a cordon was put in place on Thornton Road to keep the public back.

Tetley Street side view
Crews remain at the scene damping down at the moment

Bradford and Halifax Aerial appliances in use
Appliances from Bradford, Odsal, Cleckheaton, Fairweather Green, Rawdon, Huddersfield, Halifax, Stanningley, Batley attended.

Twitter Links below to some early images taken by passers by. 

Fire crews use cutters to access parts of the building
Mr Bitcon gives time for BBC Look North interview
Firefighter in ALP dampens down roof timbers
Updated 14:50 08/06/2013

Watch commander Alan Holdsworth, of Bradford fire station, said that a demolition crew were expected to attend the building today. He said: “One side of the building is unsafe. The whole building will probably be demolished.” Watch commander Holdsworth said 14 fire engines - from Bradford, Idle, Stanningley, Odsal, Shipley, Cleckheaton, Fairweather Green, Illingworth, Idle, Elland, Batley and Halifax stations - were needed at the scene . He added that the fire was under control by midnight.