Fire Video


Monday, 15 September 2014

Trailers alight in yard, Shetcliffe Lane, Bradford.

Fire crews from Bradford and Odsal were called to the fire in a yard off Shetcliffe Lane at around 4:30pm today. This involved 2 trailers parked in a yard which were well alight on arrival.

Smoke from the fire could be seen around Bradford, it appeared to be a large scale fire from a distance.  Crews used 2 Large jets and 2 Breathing apparatus to extinguish the blaze.

Once sufficient water supplies were established the fire was quickly put out.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Building collapse in West Bowling, Bradford.

A Major response was made this afternoon to a house on Parkside road in the West Bowling area of Bradford.

Crews were alerted at 3.24pm today to reports of a collapsed floor in a terraced property on Parkside Road. A full emergency operation was made to the scene by all the emergency services.

Outside of the affected property on Parkside Road.

On arrival fire crews had to deal with casualties, a collapsed kitchen floor and also a gas leak within the inner terraced property. There were three adults and two children injured at the incident, with two of these casualties being taken to hospital by ambulance for check ups. Having spoken to residents a child's birthday party was underway at the time of the incident.

Casualty handling area set up

Fire crews used Positive Pressure Ventilation fans and Breathing apparatus after the property was cleared of casualties and the Gas board attended to turn off the gas supply to the property.

Fire Officers re enter the property to investigate

Parkside road was closed from Henley Road to Birch Lane for access of emergency services.

View of the scene with Gas board in attendance

Fire appliances and crews from Bradford, Odsal along with Cleckheaton Technical rescue units all attended the scene. A specialist DIM unit ( ) attended.

An investigation into the collapse is now underway with Parkside Road reopened to traffic.