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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Arson blaze at Community Advice Centre in Bradford

Canterbury Advice croppedFire crews were called to the Canterbury Advice Centre at around 07:00 this morning after smoke was seen coming from the property on Ringwood Road, Bradford. Apparently the building was set ablaze following a break-in and police have launched an investigation into the incident.

Crews from Bradford (2) and Odsal attended and used 2 Hosereel jets, Breathing apparatus sets and a Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan to clear smoke from the 2 storey property.

Odsal Watch Commander Andy Thornton said "There had been signs of a break-in and multiple seats of fire on both floors of the building. "The fires involved filing cabinets, desks and other office furniture. "We did not know if anyone was inside and two sets of breathing apparatus were deployed to check that the building was clear. "30 to 40 per cent of the building was on fire, but it was under control and extinguished within an hour."

Canterbury Advice wide

It was not known if flammable liquids or materials had been brought into the building but CID police officers were at the scene starting their investigations.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Demolition and Damping Down continues at Drummond Mill Site.

Six fire appliances are still at the scene of  Drummonds Mill,  Lumb Lane, Bradford. The fire is still smouldering and water is being used to extinguish the fire by way of five Ground monitors which are in use around the building. What still remains of the mill is unsafe for fire crews to enter. 

The public are still advised to keep windows and doors closed, due to the smoke plume in the Canal Road area. of the city. Fire crews are wearing face masks if they are in a smokey area due sheet asbestos having been involved in the fire.

A total of 38 people who lived near the mill were taken to Richard Dunn Sports Centre on Thursday evening where they were given food and drink while Bradford Council arranged for Travelodge Bradford Central to take them in for the night.

Water supplies are being brought in from local hydrants now, at the time of the height of the fire water was brought in from over a long distance away. Ground monitors can be seen in use on the still smouldering wreckage.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service are working alongside demolition crews throughout the weekend. Diggers are on site today at the destroyed Drummond Mill as the smouldering building still cast a pall of smoke over surrounding homes. Firefighters with six appliances along with a Command Unit are there along with a demolition crew from Thomas Crompton.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Crews pulled out as Drummonds Mill fire Rages in Bradford.

Fire crews were called to Drummonds Mill on Lumb Lane in Bradford yesterday at around 11:20. The fire was located in the basement area of a large mill complex. Crews used jets from outside the property and Breathing apparatus teams were committed to the inside of the building. The smoke billowed out and across Lumb lane as fire crews dealt with the blaze. The section where the fire started was in the basement used by Zoozio, an online retailer of household goods which employs 20 people. Its director, Hammad Rehman, 35, who called the fire brigade, said he was "devastated" and had no idea how it had started.

Drummonds Mill 1

A large number of Breathing apparatus crews were deployed from entry points around the building and at one stage viewing from Green Lane overlooking the scene the fire looked to be well in hand. 

Drummonds Mill 2

But then came the call for all fire crews to evacuate the building due to a rapidly spreading fire, placing firefighters lives in danger. At this time all staff working in the mill were out of the building.
The incident was then made 25 Pumps as the fire situation worsened and the levels of smoke increased, with a cloud spreading over the surrounding area. There were concerns about the levels of carbon Monoxide in the smoke and local residents were evacuated from there homes.

Drummonds Mill 3

One firefighter, who was inside the Grade II listed four-storey Mill in Lumb Lane,  said he had not seen such a dangerous and frightening situation in more than 25 years as a firefighter. He said that the fire had been smouldering when flames suddenly flashed across the roof and towards him and several colleagues. Parts of the premises started to collapse as the fire raged, with all operations now taking on a defensive mode to protect surrounding properties.

Drummonds Mill 4

All surrounding roads were closed, Police officers were being brought in from Halifax and as far away as Wakefield to stand on the cordons that were in place. 

Parts of the five storey section started to collapse with all floors having been burnt away. All you could hear was the sound of falling debris and the rushing noise of the fire. 

Wall collapsing  Copyrighted

It wasn't much longer before the walls of the five storey section collapsed inward with this image showing the event. The mill had stood on the site since it was opened in 1856 but yesterdays fire has brought all this to a close.

Lumb Lane Side 1

In Lumb lane at the front of Drummonds Mill, crews were still tackling the fire using hand held jets and ground monitors. Hoses were used to dampen properties opposite the mill due to the radiated heat and burning embers being given off. 

Lumb Lane Side 2

The roof of the front section collapsed in and fire raged from floors underneath. The strong winds didn't help and fanned the flames. A Combined aerial Appliance was used to tackle this.
The incident was reduced overnight to 5 pumps and damping down continues at the site. A structural engineer has attended from the local council to check stability of any remaining buildings on the fireground. An investigation into the cause of the fire will commence once it is safe to do so.

Thank you to:

Refreshments were provided on the fireground by RRT (Rapid Relief Team). This was a much needed resource and provided warm / cold drinks and food for the emergency services. The Rapid Relief Team is a volunteer, not-for-profit organisation, set up to support local communities in times of need; We do this by serving food and drinks to emergency services personnel, helping out at homeless missions and  support work for other charities.

     Visit there website and see all the good work that is going on at

Visit the web page at

The core service of RRT is to provide quality catering and refreshments efficiently. This benevolent relief is offered to persons in need with compassion and care by our teams of willing volunteers. 

Appliances attended from around the brigade area with some of those being resilience pumps. 

Appliances known to have attended were: Bradford (2), Bingley, Keighley, Silsden, Shipley, Idle, Cleckheaton, Illingworth, Morley, Halifax, Rawdon, Fairweather Green (Pump and Command Unit lite), Raistrick, Stanningley (Pump and Hose Layer), Pontefract (Pump and Command Unit), Dewsbury, Leeds, Wakefield, Cookridge, Featherstone, Normanton, Huddersfield, Slaithwaite, Rothwell, Killingbeck, Mirfield (Pump and Hose Layer), Odsal (Pump and Logistic Support Unit) and Garforth.

Statement issued by West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service:
'Relief crews remain at the scene of Lumb Lane, Manningham this morning following yesterday’s major mill fire, which started just after 11.20am.
'At its height 25 fire engines and more than 125 firefighters attended the scene and have been praised by fire chiefs for their determined efforts to bring the inferno under control and prevent it spreading to nearby buildings in the locality.
'Around 100 people living in surrounding properties and from local businesses were evacuated due to carbon monoxide levels in the area.
'They are today being allowed back to their homes.
'Fortunately no members of the public have been injured as a result of the fire and neither have any firefighters.
'This morning seven fire engines remain at the scene damping down as senior officers work alongside Bradford Council and their structural engineers, considering potential demolition of the significantly damaged building.
'Temporary Assistant Chief Fire Officer Ian Bitcon said: “The fire was initially in the basement of a building which was part of the mill complex.
“By nature basement fires are incredibly difficult to tackle because there is nowhere for the heat and smoke to go.

“Firefighters were committed into this incredibly arduous and high risk environment and worked courageously to stop the fire spreading to the rest of the mill. “Despite their determined efforts the fire broke out and spread very quickly to the adjacent mill buildings. “Throughout my entire career I can honestly say I have never seen firefighters work as hard as they did to try and knock this fire back.”

'As the blaze spread to the four storey mill building (adjacent to Lumb Lane) and a five storey building at the rear of the site, officers made the tactical decision to remove crews from inside for their own safety.
'From this point the fire was fought from the outside with priority being prevention of further spread to nearby properties, including Green Lane School.
'Temp ACO Ian Bitcon added: "This fire was ferocious and the intense heat at close proximity was stifling.
"The height of the fire was at around 3pm and it was under control by 10.30pm, and it is thanks to the firefighters that did not spread elsewhere.
'"The building has suffered significant damage and structural collapse, so our priority today is working alongside our partners to determine the next steps." 'The cause of the fire remains under investigation.
'The public is still advised to use caution today and stay away from the area if possible as there are still smoke plumes - keep windows closed if possible.'

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Batley Mill gutted in West Yorkshire Blaze

Batley Grange Rd Fire MP x 10 image  1

Fire crews from around West Yorkshire have dealt with a Large Mill fire in Batley today. The building has been totally destroyed in the fire which began at around 11:30 this morning. The incident took hold of Greenhill Mills.

Batley Grange Rd Fire MP x 10 image  2

It is thought to be a textile mill and according to its website, the firm is a family run business that recycles and exports second-hand clothing to Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia, and has been running for more than 30 years. Initial reports told of flames which burnt through the roof with clouds of black smoke given off which could be seen from as far away as Wakefield. 

Batley Grange Rd Fire MP x 10 image  3

Several loud explosions, could be heard which were gas bottles going off.  Flames were pouring out of the building and the wind direction changed. which didn't help the firefighting operations.

Surrounding homes and businesses were evacuated as the building became unstable with fears of collapse

Batley Grange Rd Fire MP x 10 image  4

Crews experienced problems with getting water supplies to the scene and a hose layer was brought in to bring water from hydrants further away from the incident. The fire is now under control and the incident scaled down, a gable end of the building has since collapsed.

Statement from Fire Service

Batley Grange Rd Fire MP x 10 image  5West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Area Manager Nick Smith, who attended today’s Batley mill fire, has praised firefighters for their quick and effective response to tackling the large blaze. He said: “This was a mill building used predominantly for textiles and when crews arrived the building was well alight, with the fire spreading quickly. 

Firefighters worked in very difficult, windy conditions to prevent the very real danger of the fire spreading to neighbouring buildings. The mill was also at risk of collapse, which posed further difficulties for firefighter safety. 

“Crews quickly evacuated people from nearby properties and contained the fire. It was a tremendous effort from all firefighters, who made the lives of nearby people their priority, and I applaud their quick thinking and hard work.” He added: “Crews were aware that the water supply in the immediate area around Greenhill Mills, Batley, was not sufficient for the scale and seriousness of the fire, therefore they had to find hydrants further afield to tackle the fire. This is quite common when dealing with fires of this scale.”

The incident increased to 10 Pumps with appliances attending from Dewsbury (2), Cleckheaton, Mirfield, Ossett, Morley, Hunslet, Bradford, Pontefract, Fairweather Green, Wakefield, Killingbeck, Castleford and Leeds. Crews used 2 aerial appliances, 5 Large Jets, and 1 Ground monitor. Water Relay was also set up and the fireground sectorised.

Batley Grange Rd Fire MP x 10 image  6

The fire caused and continues to cause traffic problems around the Grange Road, Bradford road area. There have been reports that the front gable end has collapsed.

Batley Grange Rd Fire MP x 10 image  7

Damping down is continuing at the scene and a structural engineer will be called into to further assess the building.

Video link to fire below:

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Two killed in crash on busy Shipley Airedale road in Bradford

Emergency crews at the scene this morning
Two people have been killed this morning (02/02/2016) in a crash on the Shipley Airedale Road, Bradford. Two fire appliances from Bradford station were called to the scene at around 10:15 along with police and Yorkshire Ambulance Service who sent three ambulances, a rapid response vehicle, clinical supervisor, and a hazardous area response team.
There were 3 vehicles involved a Proton a BMW and a Range Rover.The two fatalities were in a blue Proton private hire vehicle. Fire crews stabilised the vehicles and extracted casualties. Although the YAS attended with paramedics they were unable to save the lives of the two men. Traffic has been diverted from around the scene and the road remains closed in both directions. This is causing severe traffic problems around the city centre. Fire crews have since left the scene and police are now carrying out investigation work at the location of the collision.

A 26-year-old man and a 22-year-old man, the drivers of the other two cars involved, have been arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving resulting from the crash. Another person was taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary with minor injuries.